Does Your Property Really Need Road Safety Devices? You Might Be Surprised!

There are many road safety devices available today, many of which the average person will have seen several times in their lifetime, if not several times per day! However, a lot of us don’t necessarily recognize the proper terms and purposes of road safety devices available to us. These devices can make a world of difference in how cars interact with your environment by altering the actions of the driver in a more predictable manner. Some of these road safety devices include:

  • Speed bumps — Straight forward and easily recognizable, speed bumps exist to ensure that drivers slow down. These are often placed in areas with high pedestrian traffic or in places where small children are frequently present. They can also be placed in areas with frequent complaints of excessive speeding.
  • Traffic cones — Road signs can be difficult to read, especially from a moving car. Traffic cones, however, are an obvious and universal sign that tell drivers either where to go in a time of construction or where they are not allowed.
  • Bollards — Sometimes the best way to keep people safe is to stop drivers from entering in the first place, and that is the purpose of bollards. These large, heavy and incredibly strong posts are often placed in front of entrances or on sidewalks to protect people from drivers who for whatever reason jump the curb. While it may cause a little damage upfront (especially to the vehicle) it serves as an effective prevention tool against larger accidents.
  • Roadway reflectors– Bright roadway reflectors guide drivers during the night. Many people don’t realize that these are actually raised and come in more colors than just yellow!
  • Detectable warning grids– Have you noticed that many sidewalks just before a crosswalk slope down to the street and have a grid or dot pattern etched into the concrete? These warning grids make it physically obvious to your body that something is different that you should take note of. This process is crucial for the visually impaired as well as people who walk and text.

If you would like to know how you can make your area safer with road safety devices, check with our team at AAA Top Quality Asphalt.