How to Recognize a Good Asphalt Paving Job

As you can guess from our name, our team at AAA Top Quality Asphalt knows a thing or two about asphalt and paving. With over a decade of experience in this industry, we have had plenty of time to master our craft, and we hate to see an asphalt paving job done badly. In this article, we’ll go over how to recognize a good paving job vs. a bad one so that you can make sure that you are getting the quality results you deserve.

good asphalt paving has effective drainage

  • Thickness. One thing that differentiates a good asphalt paving job from a bad one is the thickness of the overlay. Ideally, your contractor should lay down an asphalt layer that’s at least 2” thick, as this ensures that the pavement will be strong and durable and won’t fall victim to premature cracking or instability beneath the surface.
  • Smooth Transitions. Next, in good asphalt paving, the new layer will blend smoothly with any old coating or other pavement surrounding it. This means that the road surface should remain level between one area and the next, with no bumps or ledges. Making sure that these transitions are smooth is especially important when it comes to driveways or other areas that connect to the main road, and you can count on our team to get these details right.
  • Drainage. Lastly, good asphalt paving has effective drainage, which means that when it rains, there shouldn’t be any lingering pools of water on the surface. Water causes the asphalt to erode, so standing puddles can do significant damage to your lot over time. Fortunately, our team has the right experience to ensure that your asphalt paving sheds water properly and won’t fall victim to this type of damage.