How to Make Your Blacktop Driveway Last Longer

A blacktop driveway can last as few as 10-12 years or as long as 30-40 years, and where yours will fall in that wide spectrum is dependent on your dedication to making it last as long as possible. There are some things you cannot do much about, such as the weather and how well the blacktop driveway was installed in the first place, but you can perform regular maintenance to improve your chances.

  • Annually: At least once a year, but preferably twice, you should take a stiff broom to your driveway to remove any dirt on it. A garden hose with a strong spray or a pressure washer can also aid in cleaning your blacktop driveway.
  • Every Two to Four Years: Keep an eye on your blacktop driveway, watching for hairline cracks. Every two to four years, or sooner if you see hairline cracks, you will need to have a seal coat put on your driveway. If you do this before you notice cracks, you are less likely to get any. If you do this as soon as you notice smaller cracks, you can avoid larger ones, as well as a total failure situation. The first seal coat will need to be done shortly after your blacktop driveway was first installed, as soon as it has cured properly.
  • General: Do your best to keep oils and other residue off your blacktop driveway and get these substances washed off as soon as you notice them. The more traffic your driveway sees, the more likelihood there is of leaks from vehicles that could be detrimental to your driveway.

How to Make Your Blacktop Driveway Last Longer
At AAA Top Quality Asphalt, we offer blacktop paving and sealing, as well as repairs, should your blacktop driveway need them. A blacktop driveway is an economical choice that, when cared for, can last an incredibly long time. We can help you get the most years possible!