Mobile Home Park Paving: The Way to an Easier Future

Excellent mobile home park paving is the way to an easier future for you as management. Did you know that not all asphalt is created equal? Underneath the asphalt pavement layer is a base system that can be made of rock chips or other components, and it needs to be designed for use by heavy vehicles moving mobile homes. If mobile home park paving is done and maintained correctly, your job as a manager will be much easier.

Excellent mobile home park paving

You don’t want the liability of washed-out roads, and you want to know that your facilities, all the way down to the mobile home park paving, are in tip-top condition to keep your current tenants and attract new ones. A regular visual inspection of the pavement by a professional can save you costly road repair on your property where asphalt may have to be torn up, milled, and hauled away.

Whatever the current situation with your mobile home park paving, we can help. While proper paving and maintenance may be a priority for you, it may not have been for the prior management. You may not even have records on what the asphalt has for base so that you can estimate its lifespan and understand the weight-bearing restrictions any areas may have. One way of inspecting the mobile home park paving you have inherited is to take a core sample from a logically determined location in your paving. We can tell from drilling out this core sample what condition your pavement is in, what your base is made to support, and more.

Call us at AAA Top Quality Asphalt to get the information you need to maintain your mobile home park paving and keep your residents happy – thereby paving the way to an easier future for you as property management.