Types of Pavement Markings and Their Importance

Getting from Point A to Point B is part of our everyday lives, and we owe a debt of gratitude to anything that makes that journey easier. Pavement markings are just one modern day advantage that we have in place to do that. Some make navigation easier, while others make it safer. Here are a few types of pavement markings and their importance:

  • Crosswalks: Could you imagine the chaos that would result if suddenly we didn’t have crosswalks? Granted there are plenty of people that take jaywalking to extreme, but as motorists we have fewer chances of hitting pedestrians thanks to these valuable pavement markings.

crosswalks lakeland

  • Parking Lot Markings: Can you imagine a parking lot or parking garage without clearly marked parking spaces and directional arrows? People would get blocked in and exits would we near impossible to find. There would be numerous vehicle collisions. This is true in both ground level parking lots and in parking garages. Often these are confusing as it is, but with no pavement markings at all, they would be totally dysfunctional.

Parking-Lot-Markings in Lakeland

  • ADA Compliant: Even if we didn’t have laws telling us to have these spaces, it would be the right thing to do. You want your business to show you care about those with disabilities and want their business. Also, by being ADA compliant you reduce the risk of a non-compliance lawsuit.

ADA-Compliant in Lakeland FL

  • Caution: Pavement markings that are used to alert motorists and others to a potential hazard are probably the most important of all pavement markings. Railroad crossing, school crossing, speed bumps and bicycle lane markings are all a necessary part of our highway and roads system.


  • Directional: Arrows, highway numbers and other directional pavement markings obviously make life easier, and they also minimize accidents.

Directional markings in Lakeland FL

If you have a property or community that needs pavement markings to improve safety and functionality, give us a call at AAA Top Quality Asphalt, where we strive to make Lakeland, FL safer for everyone!