Understanding the Difference Between Demolition & Excavation

Demolition & Excavation
It is common for one company to offer both demolition & excavation services. If you aren’t sure what the difference is, you aren’t alone. Not only do many confuse the two, but many fail to recognize the different tasks that can fall under each classification. Here’s a bit of information about each so you’ll be able to better understand what services you can turn to a demolition & excavation company to handle for you.

  • Demolition – Demolition generally refers to the removal of a building in preparation for rebuilding or otherwise using the site on which the building is located. It can also refer to removing portions of a building, such as during a renovation. A company that handles demolition & excavation typically handles only building demolition, from houses and one- or two-story buildings up through large projects.
  • Excavation – While excavation often involves moving earth around and creating a hole or cavity, a demolition & excavation company often does more than that. They may do tunneling work, create wall shafts, work on projects building underground structures, and trenching. These skills are useful for a variety of project types, including construction, mining, exploration, and more.

If you have a project that requires demolition & excavation, or just one or the other, give us a call at AAA Top Quality Asphalt. We treat these tasks as a science that requires both planning and attention to detail to keep the work site safe and the project on schedule. Our sizeable fleet of equipment will get your project done thoroughly, including extensive cleanup so the next phase of your project can begin. Call today to learn more.