What Are My Choices for Road Safety Devices?

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What Are My Choices for Road Safety Devices?
Some of the most common road safety devices are designed to slow down cars or prompt drivers to change their normal behavior when they come to a certain place on the road. Road safety devices are commonly found near airports, for example, or other park-and-ride situations where cars need to slow down and pay before being let into an area. If you need to divert traffic or slow down cars, here are some commonly used devices.

Road Cones

Road cones are specifically designed to be highly visible. You can get road cones that are orange and reflective white, or ones that have reflective tape to flash at motorists. The smaller, pointed cones are not the only model for rerouting traffic flow. You can also get tall, tubular types that can be tied together with reflective streamers in order to create a noticeable barrier.

Speed Bumps 

Speed bumps come in a variety of designs, including these two:

  • Sharp: These devices prevent driving from one side, but permit it when coming from the other.
  • Easily removable: These portable models are made from durable plastic that can be assembled onsite.

All of these road safety devices can help with your construction project or with your special event. Contact us at AAA Top Quality Asphalt today if you’d like to learn more.