Posted by Asphalt Paving Expert September 7th, 2020

Mr. Renard from Censtate Contractors here. I just wanted to say that your team went down to Arcadia, and they did a great job!! Greatly appreciate the quality of the work there. I wanted to tell you thank you very much.

Mr. Renard

The major project of resurfacing all roads, parking areas and the boat storage area in Cypress Landing was successfully completed in 2019. This project also included the repair of several road drains and replacement of 140 feet of drainage pipe on Fisherman’s Landing. After receiving and evaluating three bids, the Board, along with the invaluable input of two community members, decided to accept the bid from AAA Top Quality Asphalt. Matt Greene and his crew did a fantastic job for us at Cypress Landing. This project was started in early March and completed by mid-March. We also had a group of volunteers who helped with traffic and shuffling people around as needed. Everything looks great! A job well done. Even with the unexpected addition of repair for 140 feet of drainage pipe, the project came in signficantly under budget. The roads should hopefully be good for another 20+ years. James R.

AAA Top Quality Asphalt paved our parking lot and did more than was expected. Great people and great work. Service Team

Great company & very professional!! Amanda Harding

Excellent job on our company driveway. Very dependable and amazing turnaround time. I would recommend this company to anyone. Crystal Harris

Great company. Excellent group of people and quality work. Shawna Wood

They go above and beyond! Jessica Gavillan