Concrete Curbing & Flatwork, Winter Haven, FL

Concrete curbing & flatwork provides a timeless and classic look that will really clean up your landscaping in Winter Haven, FL.

Concrete Curbing & Flatwork in Winter Haven – When you look at a yard, whether on a commercial or residential property, you can see curbs that provide clear edges. Some curbing is used on the outskirts of the property to determine the boundaries, while other curbing helps to separate the lawn from a flower bed or garden area. Concrete curbing & flatwork is an option for your property, and it provides a timeless and classic look that will really clean up your landscaping. Other alternatives are plastic or metal landscape edging.

Concrete Curbing & Flatwork in Winter Haven, Florida

One of the major benefits of concrete curbing & flatwork over other methods is the durability of concrete. It can be used in just about every landscape across the country, whether in areas of the country where they receive feet of snow each winter or in Winter Haven, Florida, where rainfall and humidity levels are very high. Its weight helps to keep it situated, even during climate changes. Concrete isn’t ideal for landscaping that will change, such as around a new pine tree, since the growth of the tree and roots could cause the concrete to be pushed up or crack, but it works well in most other areas.

Most concrete curbing & flatwork contains recycled materials, such as old concrete that has been demolished, decomposed granite, mulch, pavers, and brick. This helps to make it stronger and more durable. If you are looking for an experienced team who can provide concrete curbing & flatwork at your property in Winter Haven, Florida, give us a call at AAA Top Quality Asphalt to schedule a time to receive an estimate.



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