Consider Asphalt Preventative Maintenance to Extend Life
Even though asphalt is an economical choice for driveways, parking lots and other surfaces, nobody wants to have to replace it any sooner than necessary. The key to extending its life is to perform routine asphalt preventative maintenance. There are numerous things that can whittle away at asphalt, weakening it and destroying it, that are all preventable.

  • Standing Water: If, after a rain storm, you notice areas where there is standing water, this means there are low parts that are keeping the water from draining off as it should. At AAA Top Quality Asphalt, we can remedy this problem by filling in the low parts and leveling off the area so it drains properly.
  • Plant Life: Weeds and grass can quickly take advantage of a small crack by causing the crack to widen and letting water get down into the lower layers of your asphalt surface, eventually leading to erosion problems and sunken areas. Part of a comprehensive asphalt preventative maintenance program is applying weed killer on any plant life that shows up, and then sealing the area so new growth cannot take root.
  • Cracks: Another part of asphalt preventative maintenance is keeping an observant eye on cracks, which often begin as hairline cracks, but can quickly become a larger headache. Those small cracks let in water and give a place for plant life to grow, so take care of them quickly by having the driveway seal coated.
  • Repairs: Just as with cracks, you will want to have other obvious damage taken care of quickly. Small holes become larger problems, and potholes can result in damage to vehicles and people, which could be quite costly in claims.
  • Cleaning: At least twice a year, give your asphalt a thorough cleaning to remove all residue, dirt and oils.

If you need help with any of these asphalt preventative maintenance items, feel free to give us a call for an estimate. We serve both residential and commercial customers in the Lakeland, FL area.