Not all Flatwork is Created Equally – Structurally or Decoratively!

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Not all Flatwork is Created Equally – Structurally or Decoratively!
For basements and garages, driveways and walkways, steps and patios, flatwork is often the preferred choice. It is significantly more cost-effective than brick or stone masonry, and increasing expertise and finishing options enable flatwork to compete impressively when it comes to aesthetics.

What you should know about flatwork is that it isn’t a bland installation. It requires careful consideration, much like choosing floor coverings or countertops. Matching the right design and finish to your project will dramatically enhance the attractiveness of your home and the quality of the installation.

But not all flatwork is created equal. This holds true of both its decorative function and its structural integrity. The concrete requires precise mixing aggregates, along with quick delivery to allow proper curing and expert application techniques to achieve durability. Different methods produce different results.

A smoother finish should rather be used for indoor areas because, when wet, smooth concrete can be slippery. For outdoor flatwork installations, brush-textured finishes are better.

But there’s much more to finishing than just safety and strength. A skilled decorative contractor can use various processes to achieve all kinds of inviting, warm and interesting effects. Working with a true professional can be the difference that counts because there’s nothing more frustrating that staring at big cracks that occurred as a result of trying to save a few bucks with a so-so contractor.

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