What’s the Best Time of the Year to Have Asphalt Paving Laid?
Temperature is the main concern when deciding when to have paving done because the asphalt must be laid and compacted while it’s hot. Surface and air temperature, as well as lift thickness, play important roles in how quickly the mix will cool. All these factors must be considered by a contractor when he/she estimates how much time he/she has to complete the work.

Since seasonal temperatures vary, the average air temperature in a specific region serves as a good guide for paving, rather than a range of months.

The amount of time it requires to place and compact asphalt paving also depends on the size of the job, type of equipment used, and the amount of hand work involved. As a typical guide, you can allow for at the very least 20 minutes for one lift to be laid and compacted.

If you are having a 1½ inch lift placed, the surface and air temperatures should be higher than 70 degrees F. For a 2 inch lift, there’s a bit more leeway, but the surface and air temperature should be higher than 40 degrees F. Using a warm asphalt paving mix might enable lifts to be laid at lower temperatures while still obtaining the desired level of compaction.

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