Add a Look of Professionalism to Your Business with Parking Lot Striping
With stiff competition out there, it’s vital for business owners to be professional. This includes proper maintenance and pristine looks – outside and inside your building. One of the most important external elements is parking lot striping. Below are three reasons why.

  1. Utilization of Space- How many times have you seen 20 cars in a ‘full’ parking lot where, if appropriate lines had been painted, it could have easily accommodated 25 cars? This might not sound significant, but, let’s suppose it’s a restaurant with an average bill of $50. The potential revenue that’s being lost adds up to $250! Proper lines allow maximum space utilization for as many cars as the lot can safely manage.
  2. Organization- If there is no parking lot striping, people park everywhere and anywhere they can fit their cars. This is not good because it increases the risk of getting jammed in and unable to exit the lot. Also, when cars are parked in disarray, there’s more likelihood of them getting scratched and dinged.
  3. Appearance- Parking lot striping acts like a welcome mat for your clients and also forms a good first impression about your business with new customers. If you don’t have any striping, or you have barely visible and worn markings, this conveys a message that you don’t care, or that you’re irresponsible, about how your property looks.

At AAA Top Quality Asphalt, we provide a self-contained, turnkey, multifaceted solution for developers, property owners, municipalities, general contractors and homeowners in Lakeland, FL and surrounding areas. Please contact us for more information. “Coverage you can count on!”