When you drive, you might pass by people who live in a world where they think speed limits and road lines don’t matter. Although people like this will always be around, noting clear entrance, exit, and parking lot signs on the road can make the world a more civil, orderly place. Here are some of the basics of parking lot striping and how it works.

The Basics of Parking Lot Striping and Other Painted Lines

How to Do It?

There are a few essential tools anyone who wants to put lines on asphalt needs. First, of course, is the right paperwork. If you’re a private business owner getting ready to add lines to your parking lot, you can hire professionals who have done it a million times and can get the procedure started.

The Basics of Parking Lot Striping and Other Painted Lines

Parking lot striping also requires a dolly with a tank for fresh paint. Road paint has a special composition that makes it incredibly resistant to wear. When looking for a professional to stripe your parking lot or road, make sure the contractor:

  • Uses a high-quality variety with fast-drying resin and bright, reflective pigment
  • Has the proper knowledge to make sure employees are safe and lines are straight
  • Has equipment, like road marking machines, that is not old or damaged

Parking Lot Specifics

Before getting parking lot striping done, make sure any entrances and exits are blocked off so that a vehicle doesn’t run over the fresh paint. Map out how many spaces you’ll have beforehand and try to account for traffic when deciding how many handicap stalls and other types of spaces will be required.