Are You Where You’re Supposed to Be? Check the Pavement Markings

Learning to drive is almost like learning a different language. Terms like “car lengths” or “stoppage time” are thrown around in addition to a battery of symbols that all have their own meanings for where you’re supposed to go. Once you get the hang of this second language, driving is supposed to be pretty straightforward. But what if your customers can’t see the pavement markings? Well, that is when the confusion starts!

 Nearly everyone has had the experience of parking near a store and wondering if they had just accidentally parked in a designated handicap spot, but were unable to tell because the paint was so faded. Pavement markings are designed to ensure maximum fluidity of flow from traffic and minimal confusion, making it simple for customers to know where they are and are not allowed. Anyone who has ever visited a parking lot after a snowfall (rare here in Florida!) understands that when people aren’t told where to park, they will park just about anywhere.

New or refreshed pavement markings not only serve to keep everyone safe, but they also make a statement as well. Few things say “neglected business” like a run-down parking lot with faded parking stall lines. Refreshed pavement markings will ensure that the statement made is that of a well-run and properly maintained business.

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