Asphalt Repair or Replacement? Find Out Which is Right for You!

A surface like an asphalt road, driveway or parking lot are all surfaces that need to withstand a lot of damage. Not only do they have thousands of pounds of vehicles driving over them day in and day out, but they also are subject to temperature fluctuations, damage from water, heat and other issues. When you start to notice your driving surface or asphalt surface starting to age, you might be wondering if your asphalt needs to be replaced or if an asphalt repair will suffice. Here at AAA Top Quality Asphalt, we have been working with asphalt repairs and replacements for many years now and we would like to help you out in knowing the best options for your road surfaces.

your asphalt needs to be replaced or if an asphalt repair will suffice

You should consider asphalt repairs if your asphalt surfaces are in relatively good shape. Cracks or holes that are less than an inch wide or in diameter can be repaired while maintaining integrity of the structure. The depth of the crack or hole is also important — less than an inch deep is ideal for repairs.

If you have issues beyond those mentioned above, then you should consider asphalt replacement. Another factor to consider, even if your asphalt surface sounds like it could be replaced using those guidelines, is the age of your surface. Oftentimes, if your driving surface is approaching the 20-year mark, you should consider replacement of your asphalt surface over asphalt repairs.

At AAA Top Quality Asphalt, we have the experience that you need to determine if an asphalt repair or asphalt replacement is right for your driving surface. Please contact us today to learn more!