Asphalt Seal Coating is the First Step in Pavement Preservation
Asphalt can be used for numerous applications, from residential driveways to highways; parking lots to airport runways. But, without asphalt seal coating, it won’t last as long as it should; over time, it will break down more easily. A sealant will provide protection against all types of weather conditions – sun, rain, wind, ice and snow – all of which can cause potholes and other issues.

Fuel is another harmful culprit, especially if asphalt seal coating has not been applied. The sealer prevents fuel spills from penetrating into the surface where they would otherwise cause damage by slowly eroding away untreated asphalt. When a surface has been sealed, the fuel has no option but to evaporate into the air.

Then there are the sun’s UV rays and heat that beat down all day, every day, causing asphalt to lose its unique texture and color. This can be prevented by using a coal tar sealing product, which will also enhance longevity.

Preferably, asphalt seal coating should be applied when installation takes place. It will speed up the hardening process by shutting off the surface pores. However, sealing can be done at any time. Have a look at this before-and-after image – it shows that the process also has aesthetic benefits.