Common Mistakes Made with Asphalt Preventative Maintenance

It is always said that having a maintenance plan is the only sure way to protect an investment. However, things can also go haywire if your plan is faulty in some way. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when setting up an asphalt preventative maintenance plan for your community, shopping center, apartment complex, or other commercial property:

  • Underestimating the cost. It is a sinking feeling to know that it is time for a recommended maintenance task, yet your budgeted amount falls short. You know if you forego the maintenance that you run the risk of a costlier repair. Let’s face it — duct tape doesn’t fix everything, so be sure to budget not only for what the maintenance would cost today, but what inflation could do to the cost by the time you need it.

Asphalt Preventative Maintenance

  • Treating all properties the same. No two properties are the same. Even two built the same from identical blueprints can experience different degrees of wear and damage. Be sure to develop an asphalt preventative maintenance plan specific to each of your properties.
  • Not adjusting when needed. Although it is important to have a plan for asphalt preventative maintenance, there are situations that may throw off the schedule you have planned. An unusually hot summer, heavy rains, more leaking vehicles than normal, and a host of other unforeseen circumstances demand that your asphalt be inspected regularly to make sure an unscheduled repair or sealing isn’t needed.

Here at AAA Top Quality Asphalt, we understand that you want to keep your property operating profitably and in adherence to the budgets you have. We will help you develop an asphalt preventative maintenance plan that fits your property’s needs. Call today to learn more!