Asphalt Preventative Maintenance for a Brand New Driveway
When a brand new driveway has just been installed, there are some things you should know about asphalt preventative maintenance to ensure it stays in great shape for many years to come.

  • Tire Tracks: If the weather is hot and sunny, be very careful when making sharp or tight turns on newly installed asphalt.
  • Power-Steering Divots: These can be caused by parking a vehicle. This element of asphalt preventative maintenance is especially important on a hot day. If it is absolutely necessary to turn on your new driveway, try to keep the car moving at all times while turning – backwards and forwards until you have turned.
  • Construction Equipment: If any other construction is being done on your property that involves heavy equipment like concrete mixer trucks, they shouldn’t drive on new asphalt. But if it’s absolutely necessary, then it should be done in the early evening or early morning when the weather is cooler. Even then, however, heavy equipment can still cause damage.
  • Boats, Trailers & Campers: Preventative asphalt maintenance 101! If you need to store them on a brand new driveway, place some plywood under all the tires in order to spread the weight evenly. This will help prevent low spots or divots from forming.
  • Trash Collection Trucks: These are extremely heavy – don’t allow them on your brand new driveway!

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