Concrete Curbing – Essential in Extending the Life of Paving
The straight, neat lines of curbing enhance the attractiveness of streets and parking lots, and the expression ‘curb appeal’ implies that the aesthetics of adjacent properties is also improved by clean-cut demarcations between lawns and streets.

Concrete curbing also strengthens pavements. Confining the flexibility of pavements with curbs not only bolsters compaction during construction, but also helps maintain the integrity of the edges. When extra thickness is given to edges, stiffness and strength are increased, while deflections induced by traffic loads are reduced. All this helps to extend the life of paving.

Concrete curbing adds to the amount of right-of-way, or space, needed for a road or driveway by eliminating drainage channels and their slopes; it also helps reduce the length of driveways built from streets to businesses or homes. Eliminating drainage channels further reduces maintenance because mowing of ditch banks, cleaning of ditches, and culvert care are not required.

Moreover, the light reflective surface of concrete curbing delineates edges and enhances visibility for night driving, thereby promoting safety. In situations where there are no curbs to outline the edges of streets and roads, it is common practice to paint the edges with white stripes.

Another benefit of concrete curbing is improved efficiency for street-sweepers because debris is concentrated for easy, mechanical clean-ups, instead of it being scattered along drainage channels and shoulders where it has to be retrieved by hand.

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