House in Disrepair – Renovation or Demolition?

After looking at historic structures, such as castles and forts, which are still in use today centuries after they were built, it may seem unfathomable that a house can reach a state of disrepair in just a few decades. If you have such a property, you may be wondering which to proceed with — renovation or demolition and rebuild. Here are a few things to consider that could help you make this monumental decision:

  • How old is the house? It is one thing to call in a demolition team to remove a house that is only 20 to 40 years old. It is quite another if it has historical value. In fact, you might turn a very nice profit if you can restore it to its original splendor.


  • Is it structurally sound? A house can look rather ugly yet have good “bones.” If much of the renovation is for cosmetics, it might be worth investigating that avenue more seriously. On the other hand, if it needs foundation work or other big-ticket repairs to make it habitable, demolition is probably the better option.
  • What is your personal taste? If you revel in historic architecture and can envision a restoration as giving you a home you’ll love, then renovation makes sense. However, if you lean more toward modern, contemporary architecture, you’ll likely be unhappy even when the home is restored, so demolition may make more sense.
  • What is your budget? Sometimes, renovations cost more than demolition and rebuilding, but it can also swing in the other direction. If all other things are considered equal, run a cost comparison between the two to see whether renovation or demolition will end up being the lower cost option.

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