How Often Should You Have Driveway Sealer Applied?
Driveway sealer is a critical maintenance task for asphalt driveways in order to get the longest life from them. There are many factors that determine how often a driveway sealer should be applied, but the general rule of thumb is every 2 to 4 years. Below are some factors that can affect this timeline:

  • Sand: One thing Lakeland, FL has plenty of is sand, and it can blow onto your driveway or settle there after a storm. If it is not removed, driving over the sand grinds it into the surface and will wear down the sealer more quickly. If you live in a sandy area and do not keep up with the sand, you may need to add driveway sealer as often as once per year.
  • Product Quality: Driveway sealer products do vary in quality, with the cheaper products having less staying power. At AAA Top Quality Asphalt, we recommend using the best products possible to lengthen the time between driveway sealer applications.
  • Quality of Work: We will carefully evaluate your driveway to determine how many coats of driveway sealer are needed. Putting on one coat when three coats are needed means you’ll be doing it again next year. We’ll also consider that more coats may be needed in high-traffic areas.

Keep in mind that driveway sealer is not intended to repair problems. It will not fill in low spots or fill large cracks. Those must be resolved first. Our quote will include any repairs that must be done prior to the driveway sealer application.