How Road Signs Make a Difference

If getting around your community is as chaotic and confusing as the famous Abbott and Costello “Who’s on First?” comedy routine, it might be time to consider some well-planned and placed road signs. When done correctly, they help your residents and guests avoid confusion that could result in accidents. Pavement markings are an important part of keeping a property safe, whether it is a shopping mall, RV park, restaurant, office building, medical complex or other type of business.

Here’s another good reason for having proper road signs and pavement markings – it is usually required by law. That includes not only having them installed but maintaining them. In addition, you could find yourself involved in a lawsuit if someone is injured because of improper or missing road signs.

Road signs and pavement markings do more than reduce confusion; they also provide safety in a community. One of the best ways to control speeding, for example, is with speed bumps, effectively-spaced stop signs, and speed limit signs. You should also use specialty road signs for unique situations, such as “children playing” or to alert drivers that a blind or hearing-impaired resident could be present. Well-defined crosswalks with accompanying stop signs are critical for protecting pedestrians.

If you would like to learn more about road signs that you should have for legal reasons or keeping your community traffic flowing so nobody needs wonder “Who goes first?” give us a call at AAA Top Quality Asphalt. We offer road signs, as well as custom and standard parking lot signs, which will keep your property safe. Call today to learn more.