Our Asphalt Paving Business Was Recently Featured on the Apps & Asphalt Podcast

Our Asphalt Paving Business Was Recently Featured on the Apps & Asphalt PodcastAt AAA Top Quality Asphalt, we’re always eager to one, improve our business, and two, get the word out about the great asphalt paving work we do. We recently went on the Apps & Asphalt podcast, and we got the opportunity to talk a little bit about who we are, where we got our start, and where we’re planning to take our asphalt paving business in the future.

The Apps & Asphalt podcast is a popular platform designed to raise the standard in the contracting industry and share experiences of both successes and failures. We’re big fans of this podcast and how it brings on industry leaders, so we were honored when we received the invitation to participate.

On the particular episode we were on, we talked to the show’s hosts – Zach and Hayden – about how our owner and founder was originally a teacher and a coach who wanted to make a career change. After a lot of trial and error, he founded our asphalt paving business and has never looked back. We talk about our leadership style, how we’re leveraging technology in our industry, and some of what we hope to accomplish as a business to maintain our status as a leading asphalt paving business.

If you haven’t already, make sure you listen to this episode of Apps & Asphalt. When you’re done listening, don’t hesitate to reach out if you want to know more or if you have any feedback for us.