Site Preparation is Key for the Installation of a Blacktop Driveway
You’ve seen it on the highways. You’ve seen it on the streets. You’ve also seen it on playgrounds. It’s asphalt, but why has this paving material become a more popular option than concrete? Well, firstly, it is flexible and durable. A blacktop driveway can withstand punishment from heavy objects, and it can withstand abuse from the elements. Yet is still has the ability to shift, adjust and move as it adapts to the environment.

Asphalt is made with stone aggregate – fine sand, tiny rocks and asphalt cement, which changes into liquid when it’s hot, literally gluing it together. When it is laid, it comes out like thick tar, which is why it’s also called blacktop. But it doesn’t have to be black; it can be stamped to imitate pavers, cobblestone or brick in any color. Plus it can be formed into different mosaics or designs.

The most difficult part of installing a blacktop driveway is site preparation. Since it involves heavy equipment, special machinery, and skill, you’ll definitely need a professional contractor. When hiring someone, be sure to inform them of any special requirements – for example, steepness of the grading, size of the project, or any unusual features they’ll need to work around (stairs, curbs, wheelchair ramps etc.) If properly installed, a blacktop driveway can last up to 30 years.

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