The Benefits of Adding an Asphalt Driveway

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The Benefits of Adding an Asphalt Driveway
When you move into a property or build a home and look to replace your old driveway, you might think you only have one option – concrete. Concrete is associated with many advantages, and concrete driveways can be found in all suburban cities around the country. However, there are also lots of benefits, especially in terms of price, of asphalt driveways.

  • Pricing- One of the best things about asphalt driveways is their price because they are typically 20 to 30% less expensive than concrete. If you’re on a tight budget, choosing asphalt can make your life or remodel a lot less stressful.
  • Setting Time and Installation- When you add a concrete driveway or asphalt pavement around your home, you might have to wait a week before you can use it. You’ll also have to make sure no leaves or cats skitter across the surface and ruin its aesthetics. Plus, concrete driveways are more difficult to set without disturbing the integrity of the material and dry.
  • Maintenance- Concrete driveways suffer from flaking as they age. The elements and ice melt can progressively make the material crack or start to crumble. Asphalt driveways are easy to repair as you go. You can buy inexpensive cracking treatments to treat small imperfections before they progress, and asphalt is more flexible overall, so damage is less likely over time.