We Can Provide an Asphalt Inspection to Help You Choose the Best Parking Lot Maintenance Option

Parking lot maintenance is one of those things that can easily slip your mind as a business owner. You have finances to figure out, inventory to inspect, and customers to cater to along with so many more responsibilities all packed into one job that doesn’t seem reasonably possible to accomplish in a timely, efficient, and effective manner.

Knowing basic parking lot maintenance

Parking lot maintenance extends to so much more than you may think of immediately:

  • Installing or replacing parking bumpers
  • Having regular visual inspections of your parking lot conditions
  • Keeping track of how old the asphalt of your parking areas is
  • Knowing basic parking lot maintenance and usage rating facts such as what base type was used (e.g. rock chips, which go over just about anything and produce cost savings or even prior asphalt work)

You can avoid irreparable potholes and washed-out asphalt work by knowing what the usage of the lot will be and sticking to it (e.g. large trucks need different asphalt base to be able to drive over pavement without ruining it). Once enough water seepage and expansion or erosion has occurred underneath asphalt, it is unlikely that it can simply be repaired. This is especially true if rutting has occurred. Rutting is when the pavement is not only cracked, but has started to buckle and become very uneven in its surface quality. Sealing asphalt cracks regularly with tar or a similar substance can help to reduce the amount of water that can get in below the asphalt pavement and therefore make choosing excellent parking lot maintenance (instead of full parking lot tear out and repair) more feasible for the long term.