Pavement Milling, Tampa, FL

We will accurately assess your property to determine if pavement milling is the most cost-effective solution.

It might surprise you that recycling isn’t just something you do with household or business trash. It can also be done with asphalt surfaces. In a process called pavement milling, a damaged surface is restored by removing a portion of the surface and using that material as the aggregate for mixing the new pavement to be applied on top. At AAA Top Quality Asphalt, we use this process rather than repaving the existing surface when the added height of a new layer is not desired or would prove problematic.

Pavement Milling in Tampa, Florida

One example of when pavement milling is necessary is when repaving would reduce a bridge clearance by too much or would interfere with manholes, catch basins, or curbing. The practice of pavement milling has been around for a very long time, although the machinery used to do it these days is more efficient and effective. We have the appropriate equipment and the experienced team to ensure that your project goes as planned and you are completely satisfied with the result.

Another situation in which to do pavement milling is when the surface is quite damaged to the point that standard resurfacing would not be effective. This process represents a cost savings over full demolition, so it is recommended, provided the sub base is still intact. With our expertise, we can accurately assess the condition of your asphalt and make a recommendation as to the most cost-effective solution, be that pavement milling or something else. Reach out to us today to schedule an appointment so we can assess the situation at your Tampa, Florida property and let you know the best way to proceed.

At AAA Top Quality Asphalt, we offer pavement milling services in Lakeland, Winter Haven, Tampa, Clermont, Brandon, Plant City, Mulberry, Davenport, Lake Wales, Riverview, Winter Garden, Kissimmee, Maitland, Orlando, St. Petersburg, Fort Meade, Dade City, Bartow, and Auburndale, Florida.