Does Your Neighborhood Need Road Safety Devices Such as Speed Bumps?
The first thing to do in your quest to get road safety devices, such as speed bumps, installed in your neighborhood is to count the number of vehicles that travel on that stretch of road on a daily basis. While you’re doing this count, also take note of when the vehicles seem to be traveling at excessive speeds.

You need to document the times and dates of your research. This will show if a higher flow of traffic is linked with things such as the end or start of the school and work day, of if it possibly coincides with an event that may be taking place nearby. It’s also essential to document any confrontations with drivers or any “close calls.”

Visit people who live on the stretch of road and ask for their opinion. If most agree that speed bumps are needed, there’s a good chance that these road safety devices will be more seriously considered. Next, contact your municipal offices and ask if they can monitor the area. Share the information you have gathered and explain why you think a problem exists. Often, an officer will be assigned to give a more official opinion.

If this doesn’t yield results, you can then initiate a petition. You’ll probably need at least 75 percent of the residents to sign the petition requesting to have road safety devices installed.

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