Parking Lot Striping: Straight or Angled? [infographic]

When it comes to your business, lots of little things can have an impact on your business. Sometimes, something as simple as the ability to find easy parking in order to utilize the space can be the deterring factor between a customer and someone who chooses to go elsewhere. Parking lot striping can also be a big part of how many cars can fit into your parking lot, especially depending upon whether you choose angled spaces or traditional straight spaces. At AAA Top Quality Asphalt, we want to help you go over both options to give you a better idea of which choice will work for you.

Parking lot striping done with straight spaces also has its benefits

  • Angled Parking Lot Striping- There are many things to love about angled parking lot striping, one of the first being that you can fit more spaces into a lot with angled parking lot striping. For most drivers, the ability to enter and exit an angled parking lot is much easier and less likely to cause the driver to park too closely to other drivers. However, often angled parking lots call for one-way traffic, which can bother some drivers.
  • Straight Parking Lot Striping- Parking lot striping done with straight spaces also has its benefits. With straight parking lot striping, a person can pull through a space, leaving the option of driving out without reversing an option. Additionally, cars can move down aisles and look for parking spots on either side of the row, with access either way. However, you might not get as many spots.

Parking Lot Striping: Straight or Angled?

Parking lot striping by AAA Top Quality Asphalt can be done anywhere that needs parking lots, including businesses, churches, shopping centers, parks, etc. If you have questions, please give us a call today!