Steps Involved in Parking Lot Striping a New Property
There is one critical difference between parking lot striping an existing property and that of a new property: the amount of planning needed. With an existing property, you already see where the lines belong, and it is just a matter of estimating the amount of paint that will be needed to freshen the markings. In most cases, the owner of the property isn’t looking to make any changes. If they are, or it is a new property, then more planning is needed, and thus there will be more steps to the process. There are a few things you should know when hiring AAA Top Quality Asphalt for parking lot striping.

  • Layout – If you are having a new parking lot striped, you will need to know what layout you want. Do you want diagonal parking, straight parking, or a combination of both? Do you want specialty parking areas, such as compact cars only or motorcycle parking?
  • Curbs or No Curbs? – If you desire parking stop curbs, we can also handle that as part of our parking lot striping and can make sure they are centered properly to provide a professional appearance.
  • Spacing/Spaces – Local regulations usually dictate how many spaces your property must offer given the intended use and potential traffic. They will also decree how many handicap spaces must be included and where they must be located. We will need that information to be compliant with those plans and regulations. It is a delicate balance to provide enough parking for customers, yet allow enough space for each vehicle so there isn’t frustration, and door dings won’t drive your customers to another business with larger parking spaces.
  • Barriers – You will need to expect downtime while the parking lot striping is going on and the paint is drying. We will do our best to place barriers to reduce the likelihood that vehicles or pedestrians will come in contact with the wet paint surfaces.

Steps Involved in Parking Lot Striping a New Property

The surface will also need to be prepared and sealcoating performed if needed prior to doing the parking lot striping. When we are finished, your Lakeland, FL parking lot will be functional and attractive!