Why You Shouldn’t Put Off Driveway Repair
Eventually all driveways will need repairs. Driveways are put under enormous stress from thousands of pounds of metal driving over them each day and being constantly exposed to the elements. Putting off a driveway repair will only make the damage more extensive and costly.

To understand why repairing asphalt quickly is important, it helps to understand what it is made of. Asphalt is mostly made up of rock and sand, with a small percentage of tar and oil to keep it together. So even though it appears to be a solid, unmoving surface, it is relatively “flexible” and can be acted upon by the elements and weight-bearing loads.

Cracking is a common driveway repair problem that comes up with asphalt. Repairing a crack quickly is important, so water does not get into the crack and make it worse. When water gets into the crack, it expands with changes in the weather, causing the crack to expand, as well. Water will also leak into the underlying foundation of the asphalt, making it weak. Other materials aside from water can also get into a crack and cause similar problems with changes in temperature and make the crack wider.

Potholes are another type of repair needed with asphalt. Similar to cracking, if the pothole isn’t repaired in a timely manner, it will just continue to get bigger as water and debris get into the hole.

You can prolong the life of your driveway and put off doing a full driveway replacement if you act quickly and get your driveway repair taken care of before the problem gets bigger. Give us a call today and let us help you get your driveway back to full functionality.