Asphalt Resurfacing Can Give Your Paved Surface New Life

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Asphalt is a long-lasting and durable paving surface that is used widely for many different purposes, including roads and parking lots. Although asphalt is known to last a long time, it is important to maintain it properly to extend its life. If you are noticing that your asphalt has potholes or cracks or looks faded and worn, asphalt resurfacing may be your best option.

Asphalt Resurfacing Can Give Your Paved Surface New Life

Asphalt resurfacing is the process of removing the top layers of the asphalt, repairing any cracks, and applying a new surface to the intact base layer. With asphalt resurfacing, you can extend the life of your asphalt and avoid having to pay for a more costly premature replacement.

At AAA Top Quality Asphalt, we offer asphalt resurfacing in the Lakeland, Florida area. Our team has extensive experience with both residential and commercial applications. We know how important it is to preserve your asphalt surface, and our process can give new life to your asphalt surface without a full replacement.

We’ll begin with a full assessment and inspection of your asphalt, properly prepare your surface, mill (remove) the top layers, perform any repairs, and then apply your new asphalt surface. Our team is meticulous and works to ensure that everything is done properly each step of the way. We deliver high-quality work while putting your needs first so that we can meet and exceed your expectations.

If you are in need of asphalt resurfacing, contact us. We would love to assist you with all of your residential and commercial paving needs. Give us a call today with any questions or to schedule with our skilled team!