Why Don’t Pavement Markings Last Longer?
Pavement markings guide traffic and alert drivers. They are a safety function of our roads and are important to keep well-maintained. However, since pavement markings are constantly subject to wear from the elements and drivers, they tend to deteriorate quickly, which can be a safety hazard. Here are some factors that influence the durability of pavement markings.

  • Type of materials used to mark the pavement. There are several different paint-based and non-paint-based materials available for pavement marking. The non-paint based materials tend to last longer and be more durable than the paint-based materials, but they are more expensive to apply than the paint-based ones.
  • Traffic volume. The amount of traffic driving over the area highly affects how long the pavement markings will last. More traffic equals more wear on the markings, and they will deteriorate sooner. In areas that are highly trafficked, a durable pavement marking material would be ideal, whereas a less-trafficked area would be fine with the cheaper paint-based markings.
  • Type of traffic. Buses, trucks, and other heavy vehicles will wear down pavement markings faster than typical passenger cars will.
  • The season in which pavement markings are applied. Pavement markings that are applied in the summer months last longer than those applied in the winter.
  • Thickness of pavement markings. The thicker the marking is applied, the longer it will last. The thicker materials do tend to cost more, however.

You can help your pavement markings last longer by choosing the right material for your marking job. Let us help you figure out what will meet your needs. Contact us today at AAA Top Quality Asphalt for more information.