Why You Need Asphalt Repair

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Our Lakeland, FL contractors will be able to provide asphalt repair for your driveway or parking lot, as well as asphalt sealing.

Why You Need Asphalt Repair
Whether you have noticed it or not, it is common knowledge that an asphalt road or parking lot will at some point need asphalt repair. We all know this because we’ve all run over that ominous pothole, or witnessed the traffic that comes with repairing asphalt roads. Just like concrete, brick, or stone will require maintenance at some point, so will asphalt.

If you are a business owner with an asphalt parking lot or a homeowner with an asphalt driveway, these are some of the causes that may push you to find a contractor for asphalt repair.

  • UV Rays. The sun’s UV rays can break down the binding element, or “glue”, in asphalt; you will notice this happening when your asphalt starts showing signs of loose gravel.
  • Oxidation. When asphalt is first laid, it is a beautiful dark color. After time, it begins to fade and turn gray. This is because it is being exposed to oxygen. When asphalt starts oxidizing, it loses flexibility and is more likely to crack.
  • Water. If water is getting into the cracks in asphalt, the base pavement can become damaged. This means the asphalt area will be more prone to potholes and cracks.
  • Oil Stains. Did you know that an oil stain can actually eat away at asphalt? If not cleaned up in a timely manner, the asphalt will absorb the oil, which will cause damage.

There is an easy way that this damage can be prevented after asphalt repair. At AAA Top Quality Asphalt, located in Lakeland, Florida, we know how to treat and prevent asphalt damage. Our contractors will be able to provide asphalt repair for your driveway or parking lot, and we can also go above and beyond and offer you asphalt sealing.

Asphalt sealing will provide you with UV protection, water and oil protection, and it even prevents cracking and bulging. This is the perfect way to prevent costly future asphalt repair or damage to vehicles. Call us today to start your asphalt repair project!